Edit TIFF and PDF directly just like CAD

edit softelec software provides an advanced technology for direct raster editing access to content details in raster images in TIFF, PDF and other formats.

You can simply pick, delete, change, move, scale, copy and add elements and text with ease and without the need of a previous vector conversion. Get direct access to object handles and element properties with only a mouse click - just like CAD.

This is the fastest and most efficient method to carry out revisions on any raster image instantly and intuitively. Picking and editing text and MText is supported by OCR.

Standard draw and erase with CAD functions or with "pixel pen" includes automatic raster width detection based on the original raster structure.

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These features are available in solutions of the following product groups:

CAD, Engineering

VPmap Series
VPmap Series
GIS, Mapping, FM

Archiving, Indexing