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softelec is a world leading software supplier for scanned image editing and conversion. Founded in 1983 softelec specialized on PC based technical application software development. The late 1980s saw the introduction of large format scanners for PC operation and softelec focusing on high-quality raster-to-vector conversion software for legacy drawings and technical documents.

In the 1990s, VPHybridCAD software evolved from a mere raster-to-vector conversion system into more complex and capable imaging solutions. Ever since, each VPHybridCAD product release has been staying ahead of current technology standards.

Today, VPindex (for archiving and database integration of scanned drawings), VPview (for viewing of various raster, hybrid, and vector file formats) and VPmap Series (for easy and accurate GIS integration and conversion of scanned maps) have expanded the softelec product range considerably.

In the early times of developing VP software, a consultant brought in a drawing of the ancient Greek god father Zeus to test VP software on our first trade show in Europe.
It converted perfectly, we had our first VP product sale, and for years the "Greek head" served as a second company logo.


 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V18.1 and VPmap Series V11.1 with the new AutoCAD 2025 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V18 and VPmap Series V11 with the new AutoCAD 2024 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V17.2 and VPmap Series V10.2 with the new AutoCAD 2023 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V17.1 and VPmap Series V10.1 with the new ZWCAD 2022 and BricsCAD V22 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V17 and VPmap Series V10 with the new AutoCAD 2022 and BricsCAD V21 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V16.1 and VPmap Series V.19 with the new AutoCAD 2021 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V16 and VPmap Series V9 with the new ZWCAD 2020 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V15.1 and VPmap Series V8.1 with the new BricsCAD V19 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD V14.2 and VPmap Series V7.2 with the new BricsCAD V18 support are ready.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series including AutoCAD 2018 support are ready. VPindex is as new Version 7.1 available, VPview as Version 14.1.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series including AutoCAD 2017 support are ready. VPindex is as new Version 6.5 available, VPview as Version 13.5. All new products are Windows 10 compatible.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series including AutoCAD 2016 support are ready. VPindex is as new Version 6 available, VPview as Version 13. All new products are Windows 10 compatible.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series including AutoCAD 2015 support are ready. VPindex is as new Version 5.1 available, VPview as Version 12.1. All new products are Windows 8 compatible.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series including AutoCAD 2014 support are ready. VPindex is as new Version 5 available, VPview as Version 12. All new products are Windows 8 compatible.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series include AutoCAD 2012 support. VPindex has become available in a new version 4. VPindex lite is introduced as an economic product alternative.
 New Releases for VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series now support the 64bit versions of Windows 7, XP, Vista and AutoCAD 2011. Many functions have been further optimized for even better user interaction.
 VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series are ready to run inside AutoCAD 2010. New Latin American sales partners are established to represent and support softelec products in Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador.
 VPHybridCAD V10 and VPmap Series V3 launched. With new major release of its two most successful product lines softelec continues to provide the highest standards for technical drawing and map scan processing. Compatibility with AutoCAD 2009, expanded PDF import and extensive vector cleanup have been implemented.
 VPindex V3 launched. Program extensions include additional processing of CAD documents and improved PowerOCR support for a more secure capture of text in raster drawing headers.
All VPHybridCAD and VPmap Series products are leveled compatible with Windows Vista and AutoCAD 2008.
 Launch of VPmap Series Version 2. The expanded version now includes full Geo-Tiff import and export, supporting a vast variety of custom coordinate systems and map projections. Autodesk Map 3D and Autodesk Civil 3D become supported platforms for VPmap Series.
VPHybridCAD Version 9 launched in December now supports latest AutoCAD 2007 technology. A number of additional improvements referring to document and object handling and optimized workflows have been worked in.
 Former key staff members Stefan Horvatin, Bernd Rau and Jürgen Buhr take over the company's management while former president and founder Dr. Michael Horvatin retires.
VPHybridCAD Version 8 launched in February setting new standards for professional hybrid processing and vector conversion.
 softelec launch VPmap Series - the perfect combination of vector conversion of maps and geographical drawings, including the assignment of attributes to create database information for GIS (geographical information systems).
 softelec launch VPindex, the best solution to quickly turn (or transfer) legacy scanned drawings and images into an electronic archive (EDM). VPindex provides unattended batch processing of: clean-up, calibration, rotation according to title blocks, and title block contents recognition. This data can be directly exported into a database for retrieval.
 With more than 14,000 licenses sold softelec introduce a new generation of products: VPHybridCAD Version 7. With automated one-step vectorization of colored drawings and images and the seamless integration of raster and vector data VPHybridCAD is again in the No. 1 position for hybrid design and image conversion.
 Cadalyst Magazine (12/2001) awards VPstudio with an "All Stars Award": "For five years straight, softelec's VPstudio has been our reviewer's top choice for raster-to-vector solutions." The editor noted that VPstudio v6.7 is "fast, elegant, and powerful software that comes closer to CAD-ready drawings than any other application reviewed."
 softelec introduce the latest release V6.7, including a VPview - a viewer with redlining capabilities.
 Cadalyst Magazine (12/99) awards VPstudio/VPraster pro another 5 Stars and rates VPHybridCAD software above 11 other compared products. Cadalyst editors award VPstudio a 1999 "All Star Award". Only 7 out of 220 products reviewed during that year receive this distinguished honor.
 softelec announce the release of VPraster pro, VPraster, and VPrasterLT, providing raster editing and conversion inside AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT at its best. Over 6,000 VP HybridCAD software seats installed. The DoD purchases another 750 seats of VPstudio.
 softelec introduce the 6th generation of its software products - VP HybridCAD - to address a wide range of hybrid editing and raster-to-vector conversion in Mechanical, Architecture, and GIS applications. A Cadalyst Magazine Labs Review of eight software conversion products rates VPstudio again as "far and away the best!"
 Cadalyst Magazine "First Looks" reviews VPmaxNT, saying "The fastest and most capable raster-to-vector software ever evaluated. It's the one to beat!"
 VPmaxNT is introduced to the US Department of Defense (DoD). Initial tests reveal that VPmaxNT is far more productive at a lower cost over more expensive UNIX based software used before. The DoD sets out to do additional tests of other conversion products, then re-tests with VPmaxNT. Again, VPmaxNT wins an overall approval based on 100 test sites.
 Introduction of VPmaxNT for Windows. It quickly positions softelec to become the world's leading raster-to-vector conversion software supplier within six months.
 Introduction of VPmax, a step up from VPmaster, that includes for the first time a high-speed raster editor. A Cadence Magazine review reveals VP to top over seven other conversion products.
 softelec develop and release their first PC based software product "VPmaster". For the first time, VPmaster provides the creation of smart "CAD ready" vector data of scanned images.
 With the introduction of the first "affordable" large format scanners in the late 1980s softelec set goals to implement high-quality raster-to-vector conversion methods for legacy documents and technical drawings.


Dr. Michael F. Horvatin
Founder of softelec