VP software in practice


A success story in the area of GIS integration

Enseco has developed a unique approach to integrate raster maps in web-based GIS applications. VPmap is used as a component to customize and georeference maps. The finalized documents become part of a GeoService web portal where detailed spatial and thematic information is available for subscribers from private and public energy suppliers. Portal users benefit from major cost savings when using the information services and by Enseco?s automated and high quality legacy map processing and conversion methods.

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User Report (English) VPmap, Enseco [pdf, 238 KB]


A success story in the area of traffic systems

PINTSCH BAMAG Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH counts among the most successful manufacturers of safety products for railways and waterways. The company draws on extensive experience with the high safety standards in developing products for several individual manufacturing branches.

The railway signal technology division at the German PINTSCH BAMAG, Dinslaken, branch has been using softelec's VPraster software since the year 2000. The responsible CAD Manager Siegfried Grigar recalls: "At that time I suggested to employ the softelec software and the drafting engineers confirmed that they would definitely need it for their work."

Technical plans usually are supplied by Deutsche Bahn AG, the national German railway system being PINTSCH BAMAG's primary client. Upon these documents PINTSCH BAMAG will then carry out all design work necessary for the implementation of signal and safety components on.

Before VPraster was introduced plans were exchanged only on transparent paper, then copied and archived. Now, scanned TIF files can be processed conveniently and much quicker with VPraster, which is used in conjunction with AutoCAD on seven seats. Training, technical support and updates, all provided by softelec, Munich, are reported to be smooth, helpful and without problems from the beginning.

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User Report (German) VPraster, PINTSCH BAMAG [pdf, 238 KB]
AutoCAD Magazine (05/2007)


A success story in the area of Energy Supplies

On 100 workstations softelec supports a smooth power current for Europe‘s largest energy supplier. After VPraster had been used for one year at E.ON Netz, Wolfgang Hentschel can still agree that by harmonizing the IT infrastructure, an increase on efficiency was gained quickly within the new user’s departments and thus cut costs significantly. Also, the technical users responded positively. Since softelec had integrated a number of custom functions all users could profit from a customized application which standardizes and simplifies their daily work substantially.

"The support from softelec was very helpful. Their people showed a lot of understanding for the specific structures of a large company like ours", Hentschel stated on his positive view of the co-operation with the softelec staff.

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User Report (English) VPraster, E.ON [pdf, 355 KB]


A success story in the area of Mechanical CAD

For many years the manual drawing board served as the standard tool to design and construct hydraulic press machines mainly for the automotive and aerospace industry at Schuler, Germany. As a global plant system supplier for metal forming, the company has virtually eliminated the use of analog paper throughout their process. Since 1998 all drawings have been electronically scanned and stored as a computer file and thus, become ready to be edited with softelec's VPraster software inside of AutoCAD...
Timo Seifert, a veteran CAD service specialist attests that the VPraster program is as simple to use as the main program, AutoCAD. All of the VPraster functions are applied in full compatibility: "If a person is familiar with AutoCAD he or she will be able to use VPraster right away."

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User Report (English) VPraster, Schuler [pdf, 400 KB]
(AutoCAD Magazine 05/2002)

Stadtwerke München

A success story in the area of City Supplies

For more than a year the technical staff in the main heating power plant of the Munich City Supply Authorities (SWM) have been appreciating hybrid administration of their legacy drawings. With softelec’s VPraster software these documents, which were already scanned, could be quickly integrated as part of ongoing revisions and update activities...
Mrs. Gerlinde Klisa: "I’ve been working with CAD systems since 1988 and I know all the difficulties that result from switching to new programs. However, right from the start I felt very much at home with VPraster."
Rudolf Driessen, manager documentation department, confirms: "Investments for VPraster and VPview are breaking even very quickly. VPraster’s capabilities to store various file formats into one AutoCAD file are contributing considerably to this situation. Now, there is no functional difference between vector, raster, or hybrid documents."

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User Report (English) VPraster/VPview, Munich City Supplies [pdf, 170 KB]
(tb-report 04/2001)


A success story in the area of Facility Management

Four years ago DeTe Immobilien GmbH (DTI), the facilities management division of Deutsche Telekom AG was facing a fundamental decision: How could they transfer their technical paper documents into a more efficient digital archiving system?
Following thorough evaluation, the best solution was the storage of scanned drawings in a database and processing them with hybrid software inside AutoCAD. For their 450 PC workstations, DTI decided to use VPraster, a program authored by softelec GmbH, Munich.
softelec’s VPraster provides for efficient and easy-to-use handling of TIFF and other raster file formats. Intelligent vector information can be combined with the raster drawing. The application of VPraster for hybrid processing of scanned technical drawings or maps proves to be a most satisfactory solution. Considering functionality, speed, and cost efficiency it may well serve as a blueprint for any technical paper archive.

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Case Study (English) VPraster, German Telekom (De-Te-Immobilien) [pdf, 170 KB]
(Business International 03/2001)