VPHybridCAD family

Vectorization, Raster editing, Color conversion

VPHybridCAD screenshot VPHybridCAD represents a line of five internationally awarded software solutions, with a success story of more than 20 years:

All VPHybridCAD solutions are designed to efficiently process legacy technical drawings in CAD or documentation applications.

VPHybridCAD are world class software solutions for high-quality vectorization and fast hybrid scan editing. With a stunning technology approach they seamlessly combine image processing and CAD technology. Excellent product quality and intuitive handling are supporting many thousand users around the globe to improve, revise and convert scan drawings with less effort.

VPHybridCAD software solutions offer complete automatic raster-to-vector conversion (vectorization) and a unique hybrid editing technology. The hybrid editor tools allow simultaneous access to scanned raster and vector data. You will be able carry out revisions or subsequent design work in drawing scans directly and accurately. With just a mouse click even geometric details such as lines, circles, arcs and text become instantly available as actual elements to be handled with CAD precision.
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With all VPHybridCAD software solutions you can make your choice whether you want to run them inside AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, or if you prefer stand-alone operation. Floating license network operation is provided at no extra costs.

The state of the art integrated text recognition module (OCR) supports next to latin also greek and kyrilic characters. Optional an additional license for the 4 asian writings kanji, korean, and traditional and simplified chinese is available.

VPHybridCAD combines the benefits of raster-to-vector scan conversion with intuitive hybrid editing and design of both raster and vector objects. Even colored and gray scale drawings can be processed to optimize your workflows:

+ scan
+ cleanup
+ edit/modify/revise
+ raster-to-vector conversion (R2V)
+ rasterize
+ archive

Available language versions:

  English German French Italian Spanish Brazilian Russian Chinese (Simplified) Japanese Korean

VPraster VPraster edit VPstudio mono VPstudio VPlite Twain Scanner Interface Hybrid Editing & Plotting Automatic Raster Cleanup Drawing Functions Raster+Vector Cursor Snap Multipage TIFF Support Direct Scanner Interface Enhanced Hybrid Editing Color Management Rubber Sheeting Split/Merge Raster Files Interactive Tracing Dimensions Symbol Library Custom Commands Batch Manager Auto-Vectorization (OCR) of Color and B/W Raster Symbol Recognition Limited Raster Sizes: A2/C Enhanced Hybrid Editing Rubber Sheeting Interactive Tracing Auto-Vectorization (OCR) Symbol Recognition Symbol Library Direct Scanner Interface Enhanced Hybrid Editing Rubber Sheeting Split/Merge Raster Files Interactive Tracing Auto-Vectorization (OCR) Symbol Recognition Dimensions Custom Commands Batch Manager

Product Finder

According to individual application needs VPHybridCAD comprises five different products to choose from.

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Version 11 Product Finder

16 reasons to buy VPHybridCAD

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  1. One Product - Two Installation Platforms:
    Stand-alone Windows, and AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD (Explain...)
  2. Multi Page TIFF and Multi Image Support (Explain...)
  3. CAD-like Command Line Interface (Explain...)
  4. TWAIN and Direct Scanner Interface (Explain...)
  5. "Design Raster like Vector!" - Enhanced Hybrid Editing (Explain...)
  6. Raster Clean-up, Scale, and Merge (Explain...)
  7. Multi-Point Rubber Sheeting, Geo Calibration (Explain...)
  8. Intelligent Object Snap (Explain...)
  9. Drag'n Drop of Vector and Raster Entities (Explain...)
  10. Managers for: Layers, Lines, Line Types, Text Styles and Colors (Explain...)
  11. Symbol Library Manager (= Network Clipboard) (Explain...)
  12. Easy Wizard for Single-Step Auto-Vectorization (Explain...)
  13. "Point-And-Vectorize", even for Color Element and Contour Tracing (Explain...)
  14. Extensive Color Management (Explain...)
  15. Morphology-based Raster Cleaning (e.g. line closing/thickening/thinning) (Explain...)
  16. Customizable Commands (Explain...)
Running as AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD Application and on Stand-alone Windows?

While the stand-alone installation provides fast execution of operations and easy handling, the AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD installation has the possibility to simultaneously running other AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD applications with VPHybridCAD. With VPHybridCAD you get both possibilities with one license!


Here you find comprehensive information on VPHybridCAD!
In order to view and print the brochures you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar tool.
VPHybridCAD, Complete Brochure, 4 pages, 600kb german english brazil

VPHybridCAD, Specifications List, 1 page, 100kb german english brazil


There are two types of documentation available:

Tutorial - This 220-pages training booklet guides you in 13 easy lessons through the important areas and functions of VPHybridCAD.

Reference Manual - The 450-pages manual explains in 16 chapters each command and function in detail, together with the command line syntax.

We recommend to use both pdf files as they complement each other!
VPHybridCAD, Reference Manual, 6 MB

VPHybridCAD, Tutorial, 6 MB
(more languages can be found here)