Intelligence for Creating Digital Drawing Archives

screenshot Benefit from software intelligence for archiving and indexing drawings. With VPindex you can capture, clean, edit, and index legacy documents and CAD drawings quickly, elegantly, and efficiently - independent of sizes and formats. An automated OCR capture of text from title blocks or from other isolated positions will provide a quick document retrieval. Any recorded text content can be transferred directly to a standard database or document management system. Index data can also be used to automatically assign new document file names.

With VPindex or VPindex lite you can create and feed a new digital drawing archive structure, or you can enhance and complete your existing document database. Both applications are simple and easy to handle: with guided user workflows you will achieve optimum results in just a few steps. Literally, hundreds or even thousands of documents can be processed within short time. While saving on effort and costs your productivity will increase substantially for retrieval, distribution and printing.

The state of the art integrated text recognition module (OCR) supports next to latin also greek and kyrilic characters. Optional an additional license for the 4 asian writings kanji, korean, and traditional and simplified chinese is available.
VPindex/VPindex lite are available in various language versions:

  English German French Brazilian Chinese (Simplified) Japanese Korean

VPindex lite

Offering a functional and economic alternative, VPindex lite is designed to capture, clean, index and archive drawing documents only in interactive mode. Documents need to be reviewed and confirmed one after another once they are compiled for a process batch. With only limited cleanup functions available, VPindex lite will still record and export index data as the full version.

Software Features

VPindex software includes the following processing features in automatic or interactive modes:

Digital Capture

Cleanup and Formatting

Intelligent Storage


VPindex Brochure, 2 pages, ca. 820 KB


There are two types of documentation available:

Tutorial - The 260-pages training compendium guides you through major application aspects in 14 easy lessons. Refer to lesson 14 for explicit information on setting up indexing processes.

Reference Manual - The 430-pages user manual explains in 16 chapters all software functions and options in detail, including command line syntax.

We recommend to use both volumes as they complement each other!
VPindex, Reference Manual, ca. 5.7 MB

VPindex, Tutorial, ca. 6 MB

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